THE A FAMILY 4.14.15

It’s always a big compliment for me when I receive repeat business and it was so nice to hear from this family last week as they welcomed a baby boy into the family! About 3 years ago, I did newborn photos of their daughter and they were kind enough to ask me back and take photos again.

aberblog-30Having children of my own, I know how chaotic but beautiful this time is. It’s stressful, peaceful, scary, exciting, everything you can feel, its all of that. Mom looked absolutely amazing for just giving birth. Seriously, I looked and felt like a zombie with my second one and I was just amazed at how well she was doing and how good she looked doing it!

aberblog-37 aberblog-38I was impressed with how well big sister was taking all of this. It is new for everyone and as a photographer working with families, I can often see how overwhelming a new baby can be for the big brothers and sisters. Big sister was very engaged and gentle with her brother and I had so much fun with her. By the end of the shoot we were fast friends, she really cracked me up!



aberblog-36Little brother was such a quiet little man. He let me pose him and barely made a sound or sudden movement. The perfect client!

aberblog1Dad was also very engaged and involved which was really nice to see! It’s always fun to see how different parents are the second time around, it’s like going pro. He was calm and collected!


We finished the shoot with a couple family shots and it was nice enough to even snag one outside!

aberblog-40aberblog-41I hope to work with this family in the future, they are so sweet and fun to be around! If you like these images and are interested in having a similar shoot, please contact me at

Thanks for looking!


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