Baby J 4.20.15

The post really begins with mama. She and I have known each other for years but it was when I shot her wedding back in 2012 that we really became friends. She is truly the most positive person I know, just a wonderful human being and it gives me so much joy to see a person like her become a Mom. Last week I stopped over her house and took a few pregnancy shots of her and her fur babies!
courtney-4 courtney-6

Her sister is also a good friend of mine and was kind enough to give me the play by play of her labor and delivery. The baby’s gender was a total surprise to everyone but many of us were convinced it was a girl. Mom already had a fabulous mother’s intuition because she was certain it was a boy, and she was totally right! Baby J made his appearance last night!


First off, he has amazing hair. I am not surprised as Mom has some fabulous hair herself. He has that beautiful newborn glow and is the quietest little man I have encountered in awhile! He barely made a peep the entire shoot.



Taking photos of him, I was once again reminded how lucky I am to have repeat clients, even if they are friends. I shot their wedding and here I am, taking their very first family portraits! I mashed up some wedding images with today’s images and love the way it turned out.

JonathanRobert JonathanRobert1I cannot wait to see this little guy grow up and continue to provide memories for this family! If you are interested in this kind of shoot, please contact me at


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