Lauren & JB : 5.23.15

This wedding was very close to my heart. The groom is the very first friend I made on my very first day of college classes about 11 years ago. He is every bit as sweet as he is creative, funny, smart, just such a wonderful person and friend. When I met his beautiful, (then fiance, now wife!) Lauren, I knew this was definitely a match made in heaven. I got along with Lauren right away and it was immediately clear these two were perfect together.

My husband and I made the trip down to Columbus so I could capture this day and then celebrate with the couple that evening. My lovely and talented friend Sam was able to take care of the reception, hey girl!

Here are some pre ceremony shots!




When I got to the hotel I walked into a room that was basically a sea of bubbly women. Lauren had 10 bridesmaids…I was joking all day that I don’t even know if  I like 10 people, but I can’t say that anymore because I loved all of her bridesmaids! I was able to meet 2 of my clients and their fiances that booked me because of Lauren, which was really great.



The ceremony was at the Columbus Museum of Art. You can probably guess I was looking forward to this wedding for a very long time. Cool people, cool venues, just a really unique wedding!


^ Photo by Sam Iammarino of Maid and Anchor Photography ^

houseviews-3When the guys arrived I was able to sneak in a few photos, this is one of my favorites!


Lauren and JB are both so incredibly thoughtful and that really reflected in the gifts they gave to each other before the ceremony started. Sam and I snuck them into a gallery where they were able to exchange gifts without seeing each other. Made for some really cool shots!


The ceremony was beautiful and very very bright! Some of my favorite shots during the ceremony are when the groom sees his bride for the very first time. I always make sure I am up front to capture his expression and I was very glad I was. I will save those shots for the couple, but here are some other favorites of mine :





Once the ceremony ended I was able to sneak in some shots of the newlyweds in front of the museum and I am just thrilled with how they turned out.




houseviews-15And then we were off for bridal party photos. This was interesting. A large group, alcohol and a lot of fun personalities makes for great photos and a lot of yelling (my throat hurts today), but we did it…and the photos look great!



^ Bridesmaids photo by Sam Iammarino of Maid and Anchor Photography ^


houseviews-32And a few of the newlyweds…



houseviews-22From here my second shooter Sam took over. Every pro knows reception pictures take the longest to edit because of the dim lighting, so for time’s sake I just added a few. There are so many fun and embarrassing photos (particularly of me dancing) I can’t wait for them to see these!


Can we discuss this cake? HUGE Star Wars nerd here…I absolutely loved this cake topper (it knew)


JB and Lauren : I wish you both a lifetime of health and happiness. Thank you for asking me to capture and take part in your special day, I love you both! Have a blast in The Dominican!


If you love these photos and are interested in hiring me for my photography services, please email me at My site is currently down while I revamp and make improvements!


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