Katelyn & Justin : 6.7.2015

Beautiful night for an engagement session! The next best thing to the golden hour : cloud cover…and we had plenty of it! It was my first time meeting this couple and I really enjoyed getting to know them last night! We started off at Wade Oval (ironically, I was there the day before for a wedding)


Isn’t she beautiful?!


I love walking around the oval, there is a lot of diversity in the landscape and it allows for a versatile set of photos.




Then we headed to Voinovich Park/E. 9th St. Pier and got some shots. I especially love these



The couple had an idea to take a few shots where Justin proposed, I really love incorporating meaningful places/objects into photoshoots. This was no exception and the views were awesome!



I want to thank this couple for spending their evening with me! AND also, for being so patient and kind. While I was driving from Wade Oval to E. 9th, I found a dog darting in and out of traffic. I stopped to rescue him and he jumped in my car. He spent the rest of the shoot quietly resting in my car (with the windows down of course). He spent the night at my friend’s house and we are working on a home for him now. This is not the first time this has happened to me, I seem to find stray animals constantly. Last year at a wedding, I rescued a kitten! The list goes on and on.

Here is a photo (sorry about the bad lighting!)


If you like these photos and are interested in booking me please email me at mandawakeman@yahoo.com

Thanks for looking!


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