Chris & Keith : 6.26.15

Words cannot express my joy and excitement as I witnessed my friends, Chris & Keith, finally be granted the right to marry. When Shawn and I married, these two were there for us for anything we needed, they made our celebration go smoothly and we are forever grateful to them. It was like celebrating all over again today when I was able to witness this historic moment both for this couple and the nation.



Chris & Keith were the VERY FIRST same sex couple married in Cuyahoga County today. The excitement was clearly felt throughout the entire room. Everyone from the court room officials to the media were all very excited to be there and genuinely happy for my friends. A reporter and I were talking and she commented on how happy this was for her because she is so used to stories that bring her down…she began to tear up and just repeat over and over how happy she was. My children were fortunate enough to attend and as I looked over at them, it sunk in that they will never live in a world where love is not accepted and I could not be prouder to live in a time like this.




As we waited for the judge to enter the courtroom, Chris & Keith were bombarded by media, but they didn’t seem to mind!



The ceremony was short and sweet. After 18 years of commitment, Chris & Keith were finally given what they deserved.





I could not have been happier to do this for them.







Chris & Keith, we are so happy for you! Cannot wait to celebrate Thanksgiving as MARRIED COUPLES this year. Love you both!

If you or someone you know is getting married, please tell them about me! Send them this blog and my email address

Thanks for looking!


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