The Pryor Family : 6.26.15

I was super excited to do this shoot because I used to work with this beautiful mama at my first job in high school at Malley’s Chocolates. We hadn’t seen each other since the days of hustling ice cream in our little green aprons and black mini skirts. Now we are both married with kids and she recently added another little bundle of joy to her family and was kind of enough to ask me to come photograph him.

He is beautiful. This is not surprising because his mama is stunning!



The little guys brother and sister were hysterical. Kept me on my toes the whole shoot and I really enjoyed being around them. They are so much fun!




I always tell parents to just let things be, let kids be kids and just relax. I cannot stress this enough. Some of the best images come from kids just being themselves. These are memories you can’t get back and memories your kids will cherish as adults. I just adore these family shots!




I want to thank this family for asking me to capture this special time! If you are interested in a lifestyle family shoot, please email me at

Thanks for looking!


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