Alex & Liz : 6.27.15

So first off, sorry for the delayed post on this one. I started my vacation the day after this wedding and I had 2 weddings this weekend so I am just catching up to everything!

I know Liz from school and like I always say, its so nice to work with classmates and friends. I feel like I already get a sense of who they are going into it which is a huge advantage. Liz is funny and very kind and her husband Alex is the perfect counterpart, equally as hilarious and kind, a true southern gentleman!

The day started off wet…very, very wet. An absolute downpour all morning and we all thought it was going to be a wash out. We put our plan B’s and C’s into place for indoor photography and we were ready. Liz was calm and relaxed getting ready in the morning, the exact opposite of what I assumed anyone would be given the weather!




I love getting all the detail shots before the chaos of the day begins, I especially love this shot of Liz holding her Mom’s wedding bands. If you look really closely you can see that they are branches!


I also like to grab a shot of everyone before they get dressed and I really love this one. Alicia was with the guys doing similar shots as well…but for now I am just posting my shots.



The ceremony was at St. Christopher’s in Rocky River, a church I am very familiar with!



Once the ceremony was over, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Despite a horrific forecast and basically apocalyptic rain all morning, the weather had cleared! We managed to do a large portion of their photos outdoors.



We headed over to the Huntington Beach/Playhouse area in Bay Village and got some great shots!





We then headed to the Rocky River Public Library. I really love the way these turned out! Especially because Liz is a teacher, very appropriate for her!



The reception took place at La Centre in Westlake. Great room, great food, fun dancing! It was such a great night!



Thank you Alex and Liz for including me on your wedding day!

If you are interested in photography services, please email me at

Thanks for looking!


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