Autumn & Adam : 8.1.15

Such a gorgeous Saturday! We have had such a wet summer it is a nice change of pace to have beautiful days like this one! I met the bride late last year and she and I got along immediately. She is spunky and sassy and refreshing! I really have enjoyed getting to know her! Adam is okay too 😉

I arrived at the church before the ceremony and totally fell in love with it. So old, so cute, so perfect. I really enjoyed being in there alone before anyone else arrived!



The ceremony was so nice. Also refreshing, the right amount of formality mixed in with true representation of the couple. I love little ceremonies like that!





Then it was off to take some photos outdoors. I am not all too familiar with the east side, so I can’t remember the name of the park. But it was great! 🙂




You can really feel the happiness between these two!




The reception was at Roses Run in Stow. I have been twice before and always thought it was such a cute place! Autumn’s favors were succulents and I absolutely love when bride’s do this. They are long lasting plants that will always remind guests of your wedding. I even had succulents in my bouquet for my wedding and was able to replant them. They continue to grow to this day! Good choice Autumn 🙂


Another reception full of fabulous dancers! Can’t get enough of crazy guests like these!



Thank you Autumn and Adam for including me on your big day! It was so fun.

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