John & Becky : 9.12.15 : Shot by Alicia

I never had the pleasure of meeting Becky in person, but when she originally contacted me I was open for a majority of the 12th. Her wedding fell during times where I didn’t have anything going on so I was excited to shoot her backyard wedding in Grafton.

Unfortunately, life happens and our family lost my husband’s Grandfather just about a week before this wedding, so I was unable to attend this wedding myself because he was laid to rest on the 12th. My main shooting partner Alicia was there to save the day and she took over for me. Before I praise Alicia for how amazing she is, I want to thank my other shooting partner, Sam, for taking over part of my other wedding on the 12th!

This is why it is always important for photographers to have a team of other photographers they know and trust. I started implementing a team of girls working with me when I was pregnant with my daughter, in the event something were to happen. This protects everyone, especially clients!

Now for some amazing photos by Alicia!







Alicia loved how relaxed the vibe was. She was very complimentary of the entire wedding, especially John and Becky.




Absolutely love this shot of them during their ceremony. Great job Alicia!


I want to thank Becky for contacting me and entrusting Alicia to take over your day. It really looks beautiful. And thank you again Alicia for all of your hard work.

Photos by Alicia

Edits by Manda

Since this blog is so personal to me, I just wanted to share the last photo of my children, mother in law Gayle taken with Grandpa Art. He was a special guy with a great sense of humor and we miss him!



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