Mike & Kate : 1.16.16

Happy New Year!

January has been super busy and productive for me! I have been catching up on editing, doing bridal fairs and shooting some beautiful winter weddings!

Here are some previews from a wedding I did a couple weeks back!

KubecPreview-4Untitled ExportKubecPreview-7KubecPreview-35KubecPreview-28KubecPreview-11Untitled Export1


I met Mike and Kate a VERY long time ago. Kate was smart to book WAY ahead in advance! We have really gotten to know each other over this time period and I was very excited that the day was finally here!

KubecPreview-15KubecPreview-16Untitled Export2KubecPreview-18KubecPreview-19


Untitled Export3

It was a chilly day but we managed to get some beautiful shots. Really happy with how these turned out!

KubecPreview-27Untitled Export4KubecPreview-24KubecPreview-25KubecPreview-29

Mike is a firefighter/paramedic so we spent some time at the fire station he works at!




We moved everyone over to Coe Lake, a favorite of mine!

KubecPreview-33KubecPreview-34KubecPreview-36Untitled Export5KubecPreview-38

Their reception was at Springvale Ballroom, another favorite of mine!

KubecPreview-44KubecPreview-45KubecPreview-48KubecPreview-47Untitled Export6

I had a great time with this couple and hope to work with them on future milestones!

If you are interested in my photography services, please click on the contact me page!

Thanks for looking!


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