Mary Kay & Jim : 5.28.16

I have known Mary Kay for about 16 years. I was the nanny for her grandaughters and occasionally her grandsons too! These kids were so important to me for so many years and now they are all grown, off doing their own things. I miss when they were little but it have been so nice to see them grow up!

I was so excited when Mary Kay asked me to capture her little wedding. It was truly an honor working with this family. The Carroll’s have always treated me like family and I am forever grateful for them and all they have done for me!

Their wedding was special and intimate. A cute little ceremony in a chapel and a nice reception back at Mary Kay and Jim’s home. I was happy to capture all of it!









Left to right, Morgan, Molly and Meredith. Morgan was not even 2 when I started babysitting for this family! The other girls came along after and were a huge part of my life for about 7 years until I went off to college!




Thank you again Mary Kay & Jim!


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