Baby C : 9.29.15

As I emailed the link to Mom this morning, I realized I never posted a preview!

I have been absolutely slammed with work and editing, it has been fun and rewarding at the same time. If you’re still waiting on pictures from me, know that they are coming!

I went through grade and high school with both Mom and Dad. I shot their wedding and now here I am capturing more important moments for them, I couldn’t be more excited!

Here are some highlights from their in home session last week!










Thanks so much guys for asking me to work for you again!

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Baby E : 9.24.15

I had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful little lady today for the first time! I have known her mama for 15 + years and shot her wedding too! It is so fun to watch friends become Moms and I am so excited for this little family!








Such a beautiful baby!

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Baby R : 7.21.15

VERY excited to meet this little one! He was born to VERY deserving parents who are wonderful people. It always fills my heart with joy to see loving people welcome a baby. This is such a special time for all of them and I was very happy to capture these moments for them.



The new parents were handling this time like pros. Seriously. You would never guess that this was their first time around. It was so fun to watch them interact with him, they were both so calm and collected. I still have not reached a point of being calm and collected, my children are 7 and almost 2. Totally jealous of how relaxed they are!




Beautiful light poured into his room and I definitely took advantage of that!



^ Definitely my favorite image of the day ^


Thank you so much Erin and Greg for asking me to do this!

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Baby A : 7.14.15

I was very excited to meet this little lady! Her Mom and I went to high school together, I shot her wedding and I shot her friends wedding on June 27th (she was in it and 9 months pregnant!) I was anticipating her arrival and she made her appearance last week!


I was so happy to incorporate their dog into these photos!


Carrie looks so great, she was only a few days post partum here and looked beautiful! This is such a special time for new families and I always make sure to incorporate them in the photos, even if they are basically zombies!



Thank you guys for asking me to capture this important time!


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The Pryor Family : 6.26.15

I was super excited to do this shoot because I used to work with this beautiful mama at my first job in high school at Malley’s Chocolates. We hadn’t seen each other since the days of hustling ice cream in our little green aprons and black mini skirts. Now we are both married with kids and she recently added another little bundle of joy to her family and was kind of enough to ask me to come photograph him.

He is beautiful. This is not surprising because his mama is stunning!



The little guys brother and sister were hysterical. Kept me on my toes the whole shoot and I really enjoyed being around them. They are so much fun!




I always tell parents to just let things be, let kids be kids and just relax. I cannot stress this enough. Some of the best images come from kids just being themselves. These are memories you can’t get back and memories your kids will cherish as adults. I just adore these family shots!




I want to thank this family for asking me to capture this special time! If you are interested in a lifestyle family shoot, please email me at

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Baby J 4.20.15

The post really begins with mama. She and I have known each other for years but it was when I shot her wedding back in 2012 that we really became friends. She is truly the most positive person I know, just a wonderful human being and it gives me so much joy to see a person like her become a Mom. Last week I stopped over her house and took a few pregnancy shots of her and her fur babies!
courtney-4 courtney-6

Her sister is also a good friend of mine and was kind enough to give me the play by play of her labor and delivery. The baby’s gender was a total surprise to everyone but many of us were convinced it was a girl. Mom already had a fabulous mother’s intuition because she was certain it was a boy, and she was totally right! Baby J made his appearance last night!


First off, he has amazing hair. I am not surprised as Mom has some fabulous hair herself. He has that beautiful newborn glow and is the quietest little man I have encountered in awhile! He barely made a peep the entire shoot.



Taking photos of him, I was once again reminded how lucky I am to have repeat clients, even if they are friends. I shot their wedding and here I am, taking their very first family portraits! I mashed up some wedding images with today’s images and love the way it turned out.

JonathanRobert JonathanRobert1I cannot wait to see this little guy grow up and continue to provide memories for this family! If you are interested in this kind of shoot, please contact me at

THE A FAMILY 4.14.15

It’s always a big compliment for me when I receive repeat business and it was so nice to hear from this family last week as they welcomed a baby boy into the family! About 3 years ago, I did newborn photos of their daughter and they were kind enough to ask me back and take photos again.

aberblog-30Having children of my own, I know how chaotic but beautiful this time is. It’s stressful, peaceful, scary, exciting, everything you can feel, its all of that. Mom looked absolutely amazing for just giving birth. Seriously, I looked and felt like a zombie with my second one and I was just amazed at how well she was doing and how good she looked doing it!

aberblog-37 aberblog-38I was impressed with how well big sister was taking all of this. It is new for everyone and as a photographer working with families, I can often see how overwhelming a new baby can be for the big brothers and sisters. Big sister was very engaged and gentle with her brother and I had so much fun with her. By the end of the shoot we were fast friends, she really cracked me up!



aberblog-36Little brother was such a quiet little man. He let me pose him and barely made a sound or sudden movement. The perfect client!

aberblog1Dad was also very engaged and involved which was really nice to see! It’s always fun to see how different parents are the second time around, it’s like going pro. He was calm and collected!


We finished the shoot with a couple family shots and it was nice enough to even snag one outside!

aberblog-40aberblog-41I hope to work with this family in the future, they are so sweet and fun to be around! If you like these images and are interested in having a similar shoot, please contact me at

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